Australian Open/ First final won by new queen Sabalenka

Australian Open/ Sabalenka tennis

Sabalenka has not won the Grand Slam despite coming as a favorite several times before. But far away from winning the title, Sabalenka has never played in the final. This time, after reaching the final of the Australian Open, he was dreaming of winning the Grand Slam title.
Finally, that dream came true for 24-year-old Belarusian tennis star Sabalenka. Sabalenka defeated Russian-born Kazakh tennis star Yelena Rybakina 2–1 to claim her first Grand Slam title of the year. As soon as the match ended, he lay down on the court in joy. Drenched in joy and tears. His first Grand Slam victory says that! After a good start in the first set, he fell behind. At the beginning of the third game, Rybakina took advantage of Sabalenka’s double fault and broke the service. However, after a while, Sabalenka made a great comeback and broke Rybakina’s service to level the game at 4-4. However, in the accumulated final, Rybakina broke Sabalenka’s service again and took the lead. In the end, the Kazakh tennis girl took a step closer to winning the second Grand Slam by winning the first set 6-5.

Sabalenka lay down on the court in joy

Sabalenka turned around with power in the second set. This Belarusian tennis star went ahead by breaking the serve of Ribakin at the beginning. After that, Rybakina could not even raise the possibility of returning to the match several times. In the end Sabalenka won the game 6-3 to tie the set 1-1. In the third set, the vow of both was ‘Bina Wardi Nahi Dev Suchyagra Medini’. The set was tied at 3-3 after 6 games of attack-counter-attack. However, Sabalenka took the lead at 4-3 with a break point.

In the next game, however, Sabalenka was challenged by Rybakina. But in the end, he did not succeed. Belarusian tennis star Sabalenka moved to the brink of her first Grand Slam victory with a 5-3 lead. However, even on the verge of winning the title, he faced challenges. Rybakina tried a lot, but finally couldn’t. Rybakina lost the final set 6–4.

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