Villarreal won 2-1 against Real Madrid.

Villarreal beat current champions Real Madrid 2-1 in La Liga match today. There were no goals in the 45 minutes of the first half. All the goals of the match were scored in the second half.
Villarreal scored the first goal less than 2 minutes after the break. Pino’s shot hit Mendi and the ball entered Real’s net. The source of the goal was also Mendi’s mistake. His pass was intercepted by Dani Pareho. Then Gerard Moreno’s foot turns and the ball goes to Pino.
Karim Benzema missed an opportunity to equalize for Real after two minutes. In the 56th minute, Benzema wasted another chance to score, but VAR decided on a penalty in favor of Real. Villarreal defender Juan Faith gets the ball into his right hand as the attack builds. Vinicius Jr., however, immediately appealed for a penalty. Karim Benzema equalized for Real in the 60th minute from that penalty. This is Benzema’s eighth goal in the league this season.

Two minutes later, Villarreal went ahead again. This time, the Spanish forward Gerard Moreno gave the yellow submarines the lead from the penalty. Real’s Austrian defender David Alaba got a hand on the ball as he fell into the box.

Villarreal had the chance to extend the gap for the remainder of the match. Thibaut Courtois saved Real once in added time. Just before the referee blew the final whistle, Amout Danyuma took a shot that hit Real’s empty goal post from 40 yards. The ball goes slightly outside the post. At the end of the game, Villarreal and Real Madrid ended the game with a 2-1 lead. Villarreal won the game 2-1.

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